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International Urban Design Competition for

Yuhuan New City( Xuanmen Phase III)





一、 项目背景

I. Project Context


Yuhuan City, located in the south of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, with natural resources rich in bay characteristics, and the territory is full of islands and sea reefs, the main landform types are hills and plains. Yuhuan is rich in marine resources, beautiful natural scenery, and distinctive island culture. At the same time, Yuhuan has obvious advantages in combination with port channels, shorelines, fishery, tourism, ocean and other resources. In addition, Yuhuan is one of the top 100 counties with comprehensive strength in China. The total GDP of Yuhuan in 2021 was 71.139 billion yuan, with prominent industrial economy and an active private economy, which is a typical representative of the Wen-Tai model.


In recent years, with the opening of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Conventional Expressway, and the construction of the Hangzhou-Taizhou High-speed Railway, the improvement of regional transportation has brought new development opportunities to Yuhuan. At the same time, the enhancement of the city's capacity brought by withdrawal of county and establishment of city also puts forward new requirements to the city construction.


图1 玉环市区位图


Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III)is located in the geographical center of Yuhuan,which is connected to several towns and streets of the peninsula, and connecting with Xuanmen Phase II New Ctiy through the Xuanmen Bay. In the Territorial Spatial Planning of Yuhuan City, Yuhuan New City( Xuanmen Phase III), Xuanmen Phase II and high-speed rail New City will jointly build a belt shaped urban center,which carrying urban public and industrial innovation services, and highlighting the characteristics of the island. As an important area to build "one pole, three cities and four Yuhuan" and the main battlefield for Yuhuan's urban construction in the next 15 years, Yuhuan New City( Xuanmen Phase III) is a strategic space for Yuhuan to upgrade its urban level, to optimize urban functions, to link the new and old cities and radiate the surrounding plates. At the same time, it is a special space to enhance the image and quality of the city, to build a "New form" of Yuhuan Bay City, and to create a city of sea gardens with Yuhuan's special style.


This international competition intends to call for urban design proposals from outstanding domestic and international design institutions, which should be future-oriented, creative and implementation-oriented conceptual.

二、 项目区位

II. Project Location


Yuhuan is a county-level city in Zhejiang Province, entrusted by Taizhou City. It is located in the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province, the middle of China's golden coastline and the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle. The eastern boundary of Yuhuan is bordering on the East China Sea, the southern boundary is connected with Dongtou’s Sea and Dongtou District of Wenzhou, the northwestern boundary is connected with Yueqing Bay and Yueqing, and the northeastern boundary is bordering on Wenling.


Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) is located in the east of Xuanmen Bay, it is defined by Ganjiang Town and Longxi Town on the north, Jishan Town on the southeast. Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) is an important area for the future development of Yuhuan which with the location advantages of “Centre and Pivot”. Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) has convenient transportation and is connected with the external areas through Ningbo Dongguan Expressway and Wendan Avenue. Internally, Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) connected with Xuanmen Phase II New city and Chumen town through Lubei Avenue and Binjiang Avenue, and with Damaiyu town and Ganjiang town through Huandao Road.


图2 玉环新城(漩门三期)区位图  

三、 项目规划设计范围

III. Planning and Design Scope


The scope of this project is divided into three levels according to the content and depth, which are Conceptual Planning scope, Overall urban design scope and Detailed urban design scope.

(一) 概念规划范围玉环新城(漩门三期)协调发展片区,总面积约145平方公里;北至漩门湾湿地公园,东至泽坎公路、炮台山炮台沙滩,南至东沙渔村,西至山体边界

(二) 整体城市设计范围:玉环新城(漩门三期)及周边区域,由自然河道、山体边界、海岸线围合,面积约38.5平方公里的区域;北至文旦大道,东至龙翔南路,南至现状海陆边界、坎门海洋经济示范园,西至山体边界。

(三) 详细城市设计范围:玉环新城(漩门三期)中心片区,总面积约10平方公里;北至文旦大道、甬莞高速,西至城镇开发边界及山体边界,东、南至规划水系。其中,重点地块设计范围约1.75平方公里,为行政文化片区及前面公园、商业用地;北至文旦大道,东、南至规划主干道,西至东海大道。

I Conceptual Planning ScopeYuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) coordinated development area, which extends to the Xuanmen Bay Park in the north, the Zekan Road and Paotai Mountain in the east, Dongsha Fishing Village in the south and the mountain boundary in the west, covering a total area of 145 square kilometers.

IIOverall Urban Design ScopeYuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) surrounding areas, which are surrounded by natural rivers, mountain boundaries and coastlines, covering a total area of 38.5k㎡. Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) extends to the Wendan Avenue in the north, the Longxiang South Road in the east, the current Land and Maritime Boundary, the Kanmen Marine Economy Demonstration Zone in the south and the mountain boundary in the west.

IIIDetailed Urban Design ScopeYuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) Central area, which extends to the Wendan Avenue and Ningbo–Dongguan Expressway in the north, the Urban Growth Boundary and the mountain boundary in the west, and the planned river system in the east and south. Among them, the Key node detailed urban design scope which includes administrative culture, park and commercial land, covering a total area of 1.75k. the Key node detailed urban design scope extends to the Wendan Avenue in the north, the Donghai Avenue in the west, the planned main road in the east and south.


图3 规划设计范围示意图

四、 各阶段任务内容

IV. Design Contents in Each Stage

(一) 设计方案竞赛及评审阶段

IDesign Proposal Competition and Evaluation Stage

1. 概念规划层面

1. Conceptual Planning


Interpret the Territorial Spatial Planning of Yuhuan City and related administrative planning requirements, to clarify the macro policy orientation and spatial construction requirements for the future development of Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III). Sort out the characteristics of the bay, the ecological pattern of mountains and seas, the background of human history and the current situation of land and ocean, to identify the future development problems and challenges of the project. The overall strategic positioning of Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) is clarified through the study of urban spatial pattern, functional coordinated development and comprehensive transportation connection. By sorting out the relationship between Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III), the old city, Xuanmen Phase II and the surrounding towns, and taking advantage of the location advantages of the high-speed railway hub, the future development opportunities and driving forces of Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) are judged, and the development ideas and strategies for the future are proposed.

2. 整体城市设计层面

2. Overall Urban Design


Based on relevant planning research, starting from the regional background resources, combined with the advantages of transportation, ecology, geographical location and so on, fully excavate the value of regional background resources, and emphasize on the collaborative connection between the area and the surrounding areas, so as to propose the goal and vision of urban design. According to the overall strategic positioning of the city, refine the urban functional layout and spatial pattern, and optimize the ecological pattern, spatial pattern, transportation pattern, etc. Shape the urban spatial form and show the features of island cities; Emphasize on the layout of urban public space system under the characteristics of mountains, rivers and seas; Propose the action plan for the future phased development and construction of Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III).

3. 详细城市设计层面

3. Detailed Urban Design


In view of the detailed urban design, the functional layout of the central area of Yuhuan New City(Xuanmen Phase III) is refined, and the planning of key projects is proposed. With the goal of improving the quality of urban space, urban design elements such as open space, corridor interface, architectural form, traffic organization and environmental landscape are studied, and the control requirements of urban form and style and spatial environmental quality are refined. The conceptual scheme design is carried out for the important urban plots to shape the image and characteristics of the urban space, and the examples of the urban design plan are given for the key plots.

(二) 成果整合深化阶段

IIDeepen Stage of Submissions


In order to ensure the continuation of the creative highlights and advanced concepts of this international competition, in principle, the first winning team should complete the deepening work of the competition plan, continuously refine and integrate a comprehensive and consensus urban design plan, and improve the systematic content simultaneously. At the same time, it shall cooperate with the control detailed planning team to prepare urban design plans within the scope of detailed urban design. If the first place team gives up the integration work, the organizer will entrust other design units to take charge of the follow-up work. At that time, considering that the completion period is too long or part of the work cannot be carried out temporarily, the final content of the deepening submissions will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

五、 报名要求

. Applicant qualification requirements

1. 应征人应为合法注册的法人实体,具有承担本项目的相关资格及能力。境内的设计机构应具有城乡规划编制单位甲级资质证书。境外的设计机构须依本国或本地区的管理规定具有城市规划、城市设计相关专业的执业许可或经营许可;同时,境外设计机构须在中华人民共和国境内设有独立办公地点,且具有能用汉语流利沟通的相关负责人,项目全过程仅使用汉语沟通

1. The applicant shall be a legally registered legal entity with relevant qualifications and capabilities to undertake the project. Applicants within the territory of the People's Republic of China shall provide the Grade A qualification certificate for urban and rural planning. Planning and design agencies outside the People's Republic of China must have a city planning or architectural design license or business license in accordance with the management regulations of their country or region. At the same time, International planning and design agencies must have independent offices within the territory of the People's Republic of China, and the relevant person in charge should be able to communicate fluently in Chinese.

2. 本项目接受联合体申请,联合体的成员单位不得超过组成项目联合体的各成员单位不得再以自己的名义单独申请资格预审,也不得同时加入本项目其它联合体申请资格预审;本项目不接受个人及个人组合报名

2. This project accepts consortium applications, and the consortium’s member institutions shall not exceed three; Each member unit that forms the project consortium may no longer apply for prequalification separately in its own name, nor can it join other consortiums in the project to apply for prequalification at the same time; This project does not accept individual and individual combination registration.

3. 规划设计人员要求:

3. Designer qualification requirement


1)The planning and design members participating in this international solicitation shall be the registered personnel of the design agency. The project leader must be a professor-level senior engineer or a professor certificate from a university in the host country, and the lead designer must be a senior engineer (associate senior engineer) or above.


2)The project leader must have won at least one provincial second prize or above, and the chief designer must have won at least two municipal second prize or above, those who have won domestic and international authoritative planning and design awards are preferred.


3) The project leader or chief designer must have not less than two planning and design projects experience in coastal areas and new towns,and not less than two urban design projects experience (one of which has an area of more than 10k).


4The project leader or chief designer must directly participate in the whole design process of the competition, and the site survey, evaluation and questioning, project reporting must participate in person.

六、 竞赛规则

Ⅵ. Rules of contest


This international competition adopts the method of "open call”, which is divided into the stage of registration and prequalification, the stage of design scheme competition and evaluation, and the stage of deepening the integration of submissions.


Stage 1: Registration and prequalification


The organizer will set up a prequalification review committee to review the valid prequalification application documents submitted by the applicant and determine 5 design institutions (including consortium) as shortlisted units. At the same time, select 2 alternative design institutions with rankings, such as shortlisted institutions withdrawal from the second stage, alternative design agencies will replace them in order.


Stage 2: Design competition and review





1)The five design units (including consortium) that have been pre-qualified and shortlisted directly enter the second phase of the program design competition.

2)The applicant submits the result documents that meet the requirements of the technical assignment letter. The review process requires the applicant’s project leader or chief designer to introduce and respond to the application plan, explain the design concept, and answer the review committee’s questions.

3)The organizer will set up a review committee to conduct review, select the scores and rankings of five design units (including consortium), and the first place will enter the deepening stage as the winning unit.

4)Each applicant is only allowed to submit one design proposal.


Stage 3: Deepen the design


The proposal consolidation will be undertaken by the first-prize winner in principle. Where the first-prize winner turns down the job, it will be deemed as breach of contract and only 1.2 million Yuan will be paid as design compensation. The Host will entrust other design units to take charge of the follow-up work.


The organizer will subsequently organize no more than two workshops (no more than two days each) in which the first three winning design agencies must send their creators to participate.

七、 竞赛日程

. Schedule


The first stage: Registration and pre-qualification

20221010 发布预公告文件

Announcement of pre-announcement issued on October 10, 2022

20221017 正式发布公告及接收公开报名

Official announcement and open registration on October 17, 2022

2022103016:00前 资格预审报名纸质文件提交截止

Before 16:00 on October 30, 2022, Deadline for submission of pre-qualification registration paper documents

20221031日(暂定) 资格预审会,确定5家入围设计团队2家备选机构。

October 31, 2022, A prequalification meeting will be held to select the five finalists and two alternative organisations.

20221103日(暂定) 公布资格预审结果

November 03, 2022, Publish prequalification results

2022110616:00前(暂定)      入围单位提交《参赛确认函》

Before 16:00 on November 06, 2022, Submission of the "Confirmation Letter"


The second stage: Design competition and review

202211月07日(暂定)      项目设计启动会(踏勘答疑会)

November 07, 2022 Organize survey and project release conference

20221222日(暂定)      中期交流会

December 22, 2022 Mid-term communication

2023022216:00前(暂定)      设计方案成果提交截止

Before 16:00 on February 22, 2023, Deadline for design submissions

20230227日(暂定)      方案评审会

February 27, 2023, Hold a plan review meeting

20230306日(暂定)      公布竞赛最终结果

March 06, 2023, Announce the final results of the competition


All times are subject to Beijing time, and the organization reserves the right to adjust the schedule. Specific time and address will be notified in official documents.


八、 奖金设置

. Prizes






(1) Design competition and review

First place: ¥2,600,000.00; (pre-tax)

Second place: ¥2,000,000.00; (pre-tax)

Third place: ¥1,600,000.00; (pre-tax)

Other shortlisted participants (two): ¥1,200,000.00 each (pre-tax)



(2) Deepen the design

Submissions integration and deepening cost ¥2,400,000.00(pre-tax)

九、 资料获取

Ⅸ. Relevant documents


The participating organizations can obtain the relevant documents of this competition, including the Work Rules, the Technical Specification and other relevant attachments through the following website.





The official announcement platform of this international solicitation is:

Official website of Yuhuan Government: https://www.yuhuan.gov.cn/

Yuhuanfabu Official Account

Zhejiang Territorial Space Planning Society: http://zjsgtkjghxh.cn/

Official website of Lay-out Planning Consultants Co., Ltd:. https://www.lay-out.com.cn/

十、 资格预审文件

Ⅹ. Prequalification documents




The prequalification application documents must be submitted for the application of this international solicitation. The forecasted name document of this international solicitation cannot replace the prequalification registration document of this international solicitation. Institutions not participating in the prequalification registration can also participate in this international solicitation by submitting the prequalification registration document of this stage.

For detailed document requirements, please refer to the Technical Design Brief and the work rules of the International Urban Design Competition for Yuhuan New City (Xuanmen Phase III).

十一、 组织机构及联系方式

XI. Organizers and Contact






电话:+8618312489113 巫工 

电话:+8613332939667 刘工

Host: Yuhuan Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau

Organizer: Zhejiang Yuhuan Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee,Yuhuan Marine Economic Development & Investment Co., Ltd

Technical support: Lay-out Planning Consultants Co., Ltd

E-mail: yuhuanxincheng@qq.com


Tel: +8618312489113 Mr.Wu

Tel: +8613332939667 Mr.Liu



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